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When submitting a request, please send us key information on the project, especially project outline, length of publication, timeframe, and preferably writing samples. The editor will then consult with the appropriate members of the team as to their availability and will reply on behalf of our network as soon as possible. 

Please note: We have decided to take on no more than six major publications a year (on top of our usual exhibition work). 

For the year 2021 we currently have advance orders for three (updated: February).

Please contact us well ahead of time. Work of this quality takes time.

Translators: If you are interested in joining our network, please send samples of your translation work (no PDFs, i.e., no edited material) and details of your training. Before doing so however, please read through our project and client list to ensure that your interests match ours. 


Lance Anderson

Potsdamer Strasse 75 

10785 Berlin

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