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Our team

Our translation network comprises seven freelance translators and one editor. Our translators are spread over two continents and live in Berlin, London, Massachusetts, and the rolling Scottish countryside. We all have an academic background in a history-related field or the history of art. 

Copy editor

Lance Anderson is from the UK and has lived in Berlin since 1998, when he came to the city to study art history for one year at the FU. He is a specialist in editing English translations of historical, art, or literary content. He reads all translations submitted by the team and checks them for accuracy and style. Depending on availability, he also accepts editing projects of texts written directly in English.

Core translators
Orla Ambrose is from Ireland. She studied the history of art and architecture at Trinity College Dublin and has lived in Berlin since 1996.
Her translation specialisms are painting, provenance research, and conservation.

Isabel Aitken is from the UK and lives in Scotland. She studied languages and medieval history at the University of St Andrews.
Her translation specialisms are archaeology and medieval art.

Graham Fallowes is from the UK and lives in Berlin. He studied languages and modern history at the University of Oxford before completing a PhD at Birkbeck College, London. 
His translation specialisms are 19th and early 20th century European history and the history of Berlin.

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